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RIMS Audio Mobile Installation Service Remote Starter Home Installation in New Jersey, can also install at your location Alarms, remote starts, Smartstart, GPS Tracking, Multimedia radios, Speakers, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Audio processors and Equalizers (EQs) back-up cameras and sensors, bluetooth and more

Remote Starter Home Installation

RIMS Audio was established late December 2011, with the goal of offering quality installations, professional, experienced service, while catering to our customers busy schedules. Read more

Other Installations

RIMS Audio does not stop offering installation services on just cars, we have been customizing anything with a battery for years. Motorcycles, Boats, Trucks, Mobile Homes… Read more

Cool Accessories

We also install HIDs, factory and aftermarket fog lights, bull bars, running bars & boards, grille guards, aftermarket grilles and grilles inserts as well as major…. Read more

Our customer service is second to none; call or text us anytime to pick our brain, talk car audio or inquire about a Remote Starter Home Installation.
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