Remote Starter Installation

The best Remote Starter Home Installation in New Jersey

RIMS Audio is now offering auto remote start systems from Compustar a Firstech company. Why choose Compustar you ask? Compustar remote start systems come with a lifetime warranty and a 1 year warranty on Prime compustar remotes and a 3 year warranty on Compustar Pro remotes! Compustar auto remote car starter systems are fully customizable for thousands of vehicles on the road today. Compustar remote starts are also manual safe and can be installed in diesel vehicles as well.

Remote Starter Home Installation in New Jersey of Compustar remote auto car starters are the industry’s leader in reliability.They have received multiple industry awards for innovation as well as vendor credibility. Compustar also offers Drone mobile which can easily be added to any one of their remote start systems to remote start your vehicle from anywhere in the world from your cell phone. Use Compustar Drone mobile to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere, as well as use the Drone Mobile to pop your truck.

Security Systems / Remote Starters

RIMS Audio is the area leader in providing a mobile installation service for a wide variety of vehicle security and remote start systems. Don’t waste your time dropping your vehicle off at a shop, finding a ride, or waiting around for hours for your car to be done. The best Remote Starter Home Installation in New Jersey 

NJ Installer of the following remote start services:

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We install a quality line of Car / Truck Security Systems / Remote Start products RIMS Audio mobile installation service vehicle security Alarms and remote start systems from Directed Electronics Incorporated (inc). Directed has  been the industry leader in security and remote starts since 1982. As Viper states, No one dares comes close! Other systems available include, 1 and 2-way security, 1 and 2-way remote starters, 1 and 2-way Alarm and Remote Starters. 

Basic Remote Car Starters:

A basic remote starter can be added to any vehicle. A remote starter can be added to a factory remote, or an aftermarket remote can be used to control the remote starter. An add-on remote start is used by pressing the lock button on the factory remote 3 times. This is nice because you do not have to carry around 2 remotes to control the remote starter. The downfall is to an add-on remote starter is that, whatever range you can lock and unlock your doors from, is going to be the range of the remote starter. Example: If you can lock and unlock your doors from 25 feet away, that is going to be the distance of your remote starter.
The next step up is going to be a 1 button remote starter. A 1 button remote starter is nice because it gives you increased range as opposed to the add-on remote starter. The typical range of this remote start is going to be between 1000-1200 feet. This remote start system is going to be the Avital 4111. The size of the remote is a bit smaller that a half dollar. This remote start is nice for vehicles that do not have factory power locks. The only down side of this remote starter is going to be carrying around 2 remotes.

If you’re not looking to carry around 2 remotes for your remote starter, a 3rd option is a great option. A 4 button remote starter can be installed in your vehicle. It provides you with lock, unlock, remote start and trunk release (if factory power trunk release is standard). This remote starter provides an increased range of 1200-1500 feet. This system is the Avital 4113. This remote start system allows you to keep your factory remotes at home, and save them for if you ever remove your remote starter and sell/trade the car in.

The best Remote Starter Home Installation in New Jersey

We install Compustar Drone mobile Compustar Drone mobile can also be used to track your vehicle from your phone/tablet/computer. Compustar offers many different options for auto car starter remotes that can remote start your car from 800 ft to 3 miles away. Contact RIMS Audio toda20y to discuss Compustar options for your vehicle.

The best Remote Starter Home Installation in New Jersey
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