Ipod Integration: Portable Digital Gadgets:

Ipod Integration  makes it easy to just pickup your music collection and take it with you….There are various ways to connect your iPod to your car stereo, so you can blast music from your iPod through your car speakers while driving. Adapters are available for almost 99% of the vehicles on the road today. There is no need to continually change CDs so you can clear out your glove box, center console and get rid of that blasted CD sleeve. You can retain your factory radio and gain the accessibility of listening to your iPod in your car. Most iPod adapters have the ability to be controlled through the factory radio, or by using the click-wheel on the ipod itself. With CD like sound quality. Contact us today and see if your car is adaptable to your Ipod.

Bluetooth systems are available for any car on the road today. We sell basic Bluetooth systems that integrate to the factory radio or incorporate an aftermarket display that will show you whose calling when you get a phone call. Most systems come with voice recognition so you can simply press a button, say “call home” and your phone call is made. Bluetooth audio is also capable with certain systems.

Ever since Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, allowing 1,000 songs to be stored on a small player, it marked an acceleration in the development of portable digital gadgets. The iPod and MP3 players became accessories for car listening. Another new package of listening choices came with Sirius XM, a satellite radio company offering hundreds of channels that can be heard around the world.

Radios are now coming standard with USB/AUX connections which allow people to use portable music devices such as their cell phones and iPod/Zunes, as well as thumb drives. HD Radio has recently become very popular and is making its way to becoming standard equipment. Car radios are starting to be produced that don’t even come equipped with a CD player anymore. The day will come when CDs are no longer used.

In the last few years, we have also utilized Bluetooth technology to connect our mobile phones (smart phones) to our car audio system, making it not only useful for entertainment but for practical reasons too. The age of fumbling around with our phones while driving is a thing of the past. Simply pair your phone one time, and every time you enter the vehicle, your phone is connected and you can use your radio to make/receive phone calls.
Radio audio is constantly changing with new and exciting technologies. 2013 model radios are now coming with HDMI inputs to allow HD connections to multimedia radios. What’s next? Only time will tell!