Police / Fire Lighting & Sirens

Selecting the right Police / Fire Lighting & Sirens for your vehicle from our large variety of Police / Fire Lighting systems & Sirens is easy.

RIMS Audio Mobile Installation Service will come to you at your home or office with a wide variety of Motorcycle audio products to cater every need from high quality motorcycle stereo speakers, amplified speaker systems, waterproof (amps) amplifiers, fits every motorcycle and perfect fit for anything on wheels.

RIMS Motorcycle Audio has the solutions to start building a great, quality sound system. We can help you design a Motorcycle sound system that can amplify your I-pods, MP3 players, satellite radios, CD Players and GPS systems and fits your budget, while vastly improving your listening pleasure while driving down the road.

High audio to low audio converters, Affordable motorcycle USB power port to charge your cell phone, MP3 player, camera etc. We install handlebar mounted amplified motorcycle speakers, amplified motorcycle fairing speakers, and high quality audio and mp3 accessories.